Färgstark poster med text till höger och en kvinna vid en pinballmaskin till vänster

A conversation with Jacqueline de Jong


Between 1962 and ’67, the Dutch artist Jacqueline de Jong published six issues of the legendary magazine The Situationist Times. At the beginning of the 1970s, she worked together with her then-partner Hans Brinkman on a seventh issue that would be about playing pinball. That project was never realised but the material they produced for the issue is now being exhibited at Malmö Konsthall and reveals an extremely broad attitude to the culture of pinball. The pair were interested in the game’s history, psychology, jargon, visual culture and social contexts, but above all they were keen players themselves. As Brinkman put it: ”Playing pinball is delightful!” What is the reason for this inexhaustible fascination for pinball? How does a person become a pinball mechanic? What does this have to do with art? And why was the seventh issue of the magazine never published? In conversation with curator Ellef Prestsæter, de Jong and Brinkman look back at The Situationist Times and the pinball era. Same Player Shoots Again!

NB! In English. Free admission but places are limited.

Bild: Jacqueline de Jong, Back home in Big Valley, 2018. Courtesy konstnären